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Mack Introduced a New Truck
Mack Introduced a New Truck

The American manufacturer introduced the new generation of the Anthem flagship vehicle.

There was a press conference in honor of Mack Anthem's new generation debut at which John Walsh, Mack Trucks vice president of marketing said that "Mack is the only American truck manufacturer that can claim that all trucks sold in the United States are produced here in USA".

The designers of the company tried to embody the brand of the "true American truck" while preserving the Mack branded features so that it could be recognized at a first sight. The head of Volvo Group, which includes Mack, Martin Lundstedt commented on the new Anthem, saying that over time it will become a classic. 

“We are Mack. This is our Anthem. With bold design, tough engineering and a highly comfortable interior, the new Mack Anthem™ is built for your business and designed for drivers”, stated on the company's website. 

Looking at the exterior of Mack Anthem, we immediately notice a very unusual for American trucks angular design with stylish "cut" bevels and muscular forms. Indeed, "Anthem" can be called a breaker of the trend, which in recent years has mastered almost all truck manufacturers in the New World: in an attempt to minimize aerodynamic resistance, they are too carried away by creating "licked" exteriors of their main cars. 

“Aerodynamic never looked so Mack. The new Mack Anthem™ challenges the expectations of aerodynamic design with a bold look that dramatically improves efficiency.” 

The manufacturer said that after changing the generation, Anthem became more economical by 1.5-3.0% and more comfortable. The most spacious version of the cabin got 35% more space due to the new layout, as well as a long 178 cm sleeping bag, more racks, cabinets and work surfaces. In the driver’s cabin there are also installed new seats and large number of outlets and the inscriptions and icons on the buttons are made with a laser so that will not be erased now.

Mack Anthem cabin

“Built for your business. Efficient in every sense of the word, Mack Anthem™saves on fuel and reduces maintenance costs while maximizing uptime—and your bottom line”.

The trucks of the new generation is planned to equip with 11-liter Diesel Mack MP7 and 13-liter Diesel Mack MP8-TC, the total range of power is from 325 to 505 hp. With them the 12-speed automated transmission Mack mDRIVE was assembled. The company offers the axles and attachment lugs produced by itself to this transmission. Optionally, the customer can receive Eaton Fuller mechanical gearboxes or the Allison 4000 Series automatic transmission as well as axles and attachment lugs of Meritor or Dana.

“Designed for the driver. Mack Anthem’s cab design and driver environment are built around the way work gets done on the road, keeping drivers comfortable, safe and focused all day long.”

Mack Anthem is launched in the serial manufacture of autos in the first quarter of 2018. lt replace the Mack Pinnacle back axel trucks notable for the front axle is displaced closer to the driver’s cabin. In this case the models Pinnacle front axel will continue to be released as before but under the general name Mack Pinnacle.

The IFAT exhibition has been held since 1966. In spite of the fact that IFAT is a forum for public services today it represents the world's broadest overview of innovations and solutions in the field of environmental technologies. Traditionally, Daimler AG will present a large exposition at this forum. The exhibition was in May 2018 in Messe München.
The Swedish manufacturer presented a fully electric modification of the FL truck.
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