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AdBlue emulator feedbacks (14)
22.12.2017 13:51
Truck driver | Ben Wesley
I read on the Internet that better-quality emulators can save fuel, I decided to check. Replaced the old emulators on 3 trucks and after 4 months checked the indicators and it turned out that the fuel economy was 6%. Now I trust this company and I’ll change emulators on other trucks too.

22.12.2017 13:49
Truck driver | John Allport
I was searching information about the emulator installation on the Internet, found it on the FixElectro website. I read the instruction, description and suddenly understood that the emulator that I bought doesn’t fit my engine. I contact with support and I was told what kind of emulator is needed. I also bought a new one there. I install it by myself. Works for A +. I'm satisfied.
22.12.2017 13:49
Truck driver | Diego Ramirez
Thank you very much.Top quality product.will order more!
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