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B-series Special
Disabling urea with B-series Special Adblue emulator will allow the vehicle to operate even with a faulty SCR system without loss of power.
199.00 eur
182.00 eur
165.00 eur
149.00 eur
135.00 eur
B-series Special B-series Special
Suitable for truck makes
all trucks
Bus series BH, BF (1990-2019), Novus (1990-2019), Prima (1990-2019)
HL970 (1990-2019)
UD Trucks (1990-2019)
Other models (1990-2019)
730 - Scania engine (1990-2019)
Liebherr (1990-2017)
  • Good price;
  • Improved circuit technology;
  • Upgraded software;
  • Low power enhancements ;
  • Full imitation of the SCR system;
  • Imitation of the NOx sensor;
  • AutoPowerOff function;
  • Work with diagnostic scanner;
Current consumption
< 10 mA
Operating temperature range
-40 + 85 С
65 x 40 x 12 mm
Cable length
300 mm
15 g
8 - 35 V
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What is CAN bus?
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What components are used in our devices?
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What if the Adblue level "jumps" on my dashboard?
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Should the neutralization system be in good order for being deactivated?
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