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How does AdBlue emulator and SCR system work?
AdBlue fluid is injected into the exhaust gases to reduce their toxicity to the level required by the standards of the European countries. If you disable this system, you can forget about it and stop buying the expensive AdBlue liquid.
What does AdBlue do?

Nowadays the above-mentioned system, SCR, is installed in almost all modern trucks. Its functions are very similar to the functions of the passenger car catalyst.

Also the SCR system reduces the amount of harmful substances in exhaust gases. In case of failure those catalysts are usually removed from the passenger cars.

This solution is not suitable for trucks, as they often are used by large companies, and their exhaust gases are closely monitored by the governments to protect the environment.

Actually the SCR system cannot be disabled but it can be emulated!
abandoning the AdBlue fluid you can save about 5% of annual expenses for fuel consumption.
What is AdBlue emulator and why do people need it?

AdBlue emulator solves 2 problems:

  • Low-quality AdBlue fluid may cause damage to the SCR system;
  • Savings on AdBlue fluid through its abandonment.

The second factor is definitely more important for the drivers and those who know how to count money. By abandoning the AdBlue fluid you can save about 5% of annual expenses for fuel consumption, and it is a huge amount for the vehicles with high mileage.

Nowadays there are lots of low-quality AdBlue liquids (urea) in the market. And since it is impossible to visually determine the quality of urea, there is a great risk that a fake liquid may get into the tank. And this liquid causes failure of metering module and other components of SCR system.

SCR emulator - track connection diagram
Our device is connected to the data bus the vehicle and fully simulates the real processes of the SCR system. This allows the car engine to operate in the same way as with a working system. The engine control unit does not notice the absence of the SCR system.
A truck without emulator - over 2,400 liters of AdBlue liquid a year
A truck with emulator - no SCR system maintenance expenses and savings of 1,300 euros per year
A truck without emulator and SCR system - environment pollution and legal problems...Do you really want them?
After installing the emulator all the elements of the SCR system can be completely dismantled. Also it eliminates the need to use AdBlue liquid, and thus allows you to forget about the necessity of repairing complex and costly system that fails regularly due to the use of low-quality urea.
During the year, the truck consumes about 2400 liters AdBlue fluid by making about 120 000 kms. After installing the AdBlue emulator you can save about 1300 EURO per year as you will be released from the necessity of buying 2400 liters of AdBlue without changing other parameters.
Save about
1300 EURO