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Frequently asked question (41)
  • Where are your products produced?
    All products are manufactured in the Russian Federation.
  • Which cars are used to test the devices?
    We test our electronic devices in all car makes and models they are designed for.
  • Are the devices suitable for warm and cold climate countries?
    All the devices are tested in weather conditions of all countries where the ambient temperatures may vary from -40 °C to +85 °C.
  • What components are used in our devices?
    We use only the high-quality components supplied by STMicroelectronics, Panasonic, Samsung, Murata, Molex, etc.
  • Are any of your emulators compatible with car model?
    Please specify your engine model to determine the model of the emulator compatible with your vehicle.
  • There are lots of similar devices available on various sites. Where are they from?
    Yes, there are lots of Chinese, Russian, European and other websites offering some products similar in appearance to our devices. We can say with almost absolute certainty that those products are the copies of our older versions or even the copies of our devices copies. Some unfair sellers pass them off as their own inventions. Beware of fake products!
  • What is the difference between your emulator and emulators of other manufacturers?
    Our emulators are the only devices in their class that simulate a neutralization system using complex mathematical models that repeat the real mechanical systems and chemical processes.
  • Does the use of your emulator increase fuel consumption?
    When producing our emulators we use the mathematical models of an ideal mechanical system to make the units simulate the temperature regime of the catalyst by 100%. Owing to this system the use of our emulators doesn’t increase the fuel consumption in contrast to the similar devices of other manufacturers. On the contrary the installation of our devices reduces fuel consumption by 1-2 liters per 100 km and improves the overall performance of the vehicle itself.
  • Where can I find the instructions to install your emulator?
    You need to go the "Instructions" section and select your car make and emulator model from the list.
  • Can you check the device installed in my car?
    Yes, our hardware allows us to determine the model of the emulator installed. Moreover, we have developed a special tool – TestBox that can be used by fleet owners to independently distinguish the original devices from fake ones and to update the emulator software.
  • Who provides technical support to the customers?
    A team of highly qualified specialists are always ready to help our customers.  Please note that we are the only company allowing its large customers to communicate directly with the developers.
  • What are the languages of instructions provided?
    We provide instructions for our customers in English, Russian, Spanish, Hebrew, French, Italian and other languages ​​spoken by our customers.
  • Is there any video instruction?
    Yes, we have a video instruction for installing and deactivating the emulator, however at the moment it is not available for new customers, and can provided only at the request of our regular partners.
  • Does it work in the cold?
    A vehicle with a SCR system, which was deactivated by our emulator can work at extremely low temperatures. This quality is a key advantage over a car with a working SCR system as AdBlue fluid often freezes at -11 °C.
  • Can anyone notice the emulator from the outside?
    No. The presence of an emulator in the system does not influence the appearance of the vehicle.  
  • What are your hours of work?
    Our specialists provide technical support to customers around the clock.
  • Can you provide a remote technical support?
    Yes, you can be anywhere in the world to receive our technical support.
Partnership / Prices
  • What are the benefits of becoming a dealer?
    1. Urgent deliveries to the dealers;
    2. The lowest prices are guaranteed;
    3. Possible post-payments;
    4. Special conditions for exclusive dealers.
    More information on partnership is available in a corresponding section of our website.
  • How can I become your regional dealer?
    Please e-mail your request with your personal details to
    We will respond you by sending our offers and requests.
  • Can I use the description of your products on my website?
    Yes, you can use it, provided you also retain all copyright and other proprietary notices contained on the materials.
Operation, connection
  • Why it is better to disable the AdBlue system via emulators rather than through reprogramming?
    After disconnection via emulator you can restore the original system in 5 minutes. At the same time reprogramming of your vehicle's engine computer is a time-consuming and troublesome process. In addition, reprogramming may cause some problems in diagnosing and repairing the car in the future.
  • How to connect the emulator and where?
    Usually, the emulator is connected to CAN bus and actuated through data link connector within the passenger compartment.  If there is no necessary diagnostic socket within the passenger compartment, the emulator is connected to CAN bus under the vehicle hood.  
  • Why do I need to disable the exhaust system?
    The neutralization system is a technically complex system consisting of many costly actuators and gauges. The quality of the urea solution is frequently very poor. In addition, the total annual cost of the urea solution is very high. Therefore, the repair and operation of this system is always very expensive.
  • How much urea solution (AdBlue) is consumed?
    Usually it is about 5-7% of fuel consumption. The exact amount depends on your driving style and toxicity class.
  • How long does it take to install the emulator?
    It takes about 10 to 30 minutes for popular car brands.
  • Should the neutralization system be in good order for being deactivated?
    The neutralization system can be in any state, since our emulator simulates all work processes, including NOx values. The main thing is the proper working order of CAN bus.
  • How can I make sure that my CAN bus is in good working order?
    For most cars, it's enough to check the AdBlue level on the dashboard, as this information is transmitted via the CAN bus.
  • I don’t see AdBlue level on my dashboard. What can I do?
    It is necessary to determine the reason for the absence of AdBlue level indicator. Please, go to CAN bus diagnostics section.
  • What is CAN bus?
    It is a twisted wire pair used to exchange data between different vehicle systems.
  • Is it true that deactivation of the exhaust gas neutralization system may result in catalytic converter failure?
    No. Catalytic converter premature failure is mainly caused by the high sulfur content of diesel fuels, and by malfunction of engine exhaust passage or fuel system.
  • Do I need to dismantle the catalytic converter after the neutralization system deactivation?
    No, it is not necessary. However, you need to keep in mind that you can get an increase in power output by 5-7%. In other words, you can reduce your fuel consumption. This is due to the reduction in engine exhaust back pressure.
  • Can I connect or disconnect the emulator myself?
    Yes, the emulator connection procedure is very simple. You need to have just the minimum technical skills to activate and deactivate the device. And also you can always find detailed instructions on our website.
  • Are there any maintenance problems?
    The emulators presented on the FixElectro platform do not require any maintenance.
  • Is it necessary to keep SCR system or it can be removed after deactivation?
    The system can be dismantled.
  • Is it necessary to change emulator models after a while?
    The installed device can work without updates as it was working when installed. The software of our emulators is constantly being improved. You do not need to buy a new device to get any new functions.  You can just update your emulator software through our TestBox unit.
  • What I should do if the check engine or AdBlue light is on and the SCR system is disabled?
    Make sure that the Adblue level is displayed on your panel, and that it is stable. If these conditions are met, you are more likely to have some problems with your engine and need to visit your vehicle service station.
  • What if the Adblue level "jumps" on my dashboard?
    This means that, most likely, your original neutralization system remain energized. Usually this happens when the driver or some ham-handed electrician tries to search for the burnt fuse and inserts back the fuse that was removed to disconnect the neutralization system. You need just remove the fuse!
  • Can I restore the original neutralization system?
    Yes, it is possible, provided that at the time of disconnection it was in good order. With the latest emulators you need just to restore the power supply of the original system (insert the fuse) and the emulator will disconnect automatically.
  • The error message appears while driving, what can I do?
    Our consultants are ready to help you and provide technical support 24/7, wherever you are.
  • Is it legal to disable the SCR system?
    In most countries the use of our emulators is not contrary to law. However, there are some countries with very strict environmental standards, and in those cases the buyer takes the risks when using AdBlue emulators.
  • Can anyone detect the presence of a device?
    It is impossible to detect the presence of an emulator in the system through naked-eye inspection from outside. The device can be detected only during the detailed inspection of the vehicle (partial disassembly). The latest models of emulators cannot be detected even by the diagnostic equipment.