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The Volvo Electric Truck Can Go Up to 300 km on One Charge
The Volvo Electric Truck Can Go Up to 300 km on One Charge

Probably, the success of Tesla in electric transport keeps on the hop other manufacturers. Although Semi electric truck has not yet entered the market. The American company already begun accepts orders. Apparently the electrification of commercial vehicles is not only a trend, but also a challenging financial idea, which was decided to be supported by Volvo which demonstrated the FL truck with an electric power unit.

“We’re immensely proud to present the first in a range of fully electrically-powered Volvo trucks ready for regular traffic. With this model we are making it possible for cities that aim for sustainable urban development to benefit from the advantages of electrified truck transports”
Claes Nilsson, President Volvo Trucks.

To distinguish the version of Volvo FL Electric from conventional FL it is possible by closed false panels sidewalls behind which lies lithium-ion accumulator skids with the capacity of 100-300 kWh. The electric motor produces power of 130 or 185 kW and a peak torque of 425 Nm, which depends on the choice of gear in the gearbox (there are two of them).

“In order to make the transition secure and smooth, we will offer holistic solutions based on each customer’s individual needs regarding driving cycles, load capacity, uptime, range and other parameters. Such a solution may encompass everything from route analysis and battery optimisation to servicing and financing. Volvo Trucks works closely with several suppliers of charging equipment. The aim as always is to offer customers high uptime and productivity”
Jonas Odermalm, head of product strategy Volvo FL and Volvo FE at Volvo Trucks.

The total weight of the truck is 16 tonnes. The version with the maximum capacity battery is charged for an hour or two from a special fast charging station with a direct current of 150 kWh. If you charge the battery pack from a normal AC network, it will take about ten hours.


No doubt, the main characteristic of the electric car is the power reserve, which Volvo FL Electric, according to the manufacturer, is up to 300 kilometers per charge. But it does not mentioned an empty or loaded car is talking about. Also there is not any explanation yet about the carrying capacity of an electric truck.

The practical tests of the novelty have already begun - the first couple of cars are involved in Sweden. One FL Electric is used for garbage disposal and the other for commercial cargo transportation.

The IFAT exhibition has been held since 1966. In spite of the fact that IFAT is a forum for public services today it represents the world's broadest overview of innovations and solutions in the field of environmental technologies. Traditionally, Daimler AG will present a large exposition at this forum. The exhibition was in May 2018 in Messe München.
The American manufacturer introduced the new generation of the Anthem flagship vehicle.
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