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How Does SCR Works?
How Does SCR Works? Currently in Europe, strict ecological standards Euro 4 and Euro 5 are in force. Since the exhaust gases emitted by the car contain a NOx hazardous substance, manufacturers install the SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) system on the machines produced.

The purpose of SCR is to minimize the amount of negative emissions using AdBlue fluid. Unfortunately, this system besides of taking care of the environment requires additional costs for maintenance and operation of this system. With an average truck run, the owner spends about EUR 3,000 per year on the system service (ссылка на статью об экономии средств), provided that this system does not require additional maintenance or repair.

The principle of SCR is extremely simple. Outside the engine, the exhaust gas is converted by a catalyst (in this role a 32 per cent solution) of AdBlue and the catalytic converter. What does the system do? It injects a certain amount of AdBlue working fluid into the exhaust gases. As a result, a chemical reaction of the interaction of ammonia and nitrogen oxides starts, at the output of which water and nitrogen are produced - absolutely harmless to the environment.
Diesel exhaust SCR technology

As the Adblue fluid solution freezes at -11 ° C, the SCR system provides a heating that is realized by a "coil" connected to the engine cooling system. The tract is heated by electricity.

Besides that, SCR provides two filters - at the outlet of the tank and behind the pump. The second provides the finest purification of fuel processing products. The filter system protects Adblue from contaminants that can significantly affect the course of the chemical reaction and disrupt the entire Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR).

The use of the SCR system together with the AdBlue reagent, in addition to the above two goals, also helped to achieve fuel economy. Here are the specific figures: the level of fuel economy is about 3-5%, and the consumption of the AdBlue reagent itself is approximately 4-8% of the amount of fuel consumed.


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The IFAT exhibition has been held since 1966. In spite of the fact that IFAT is a forum for public services today it represents the world's broadest overview of innovations and solutions in the field of environmental technologies. Traditionally, Daimler AG will present a large exposition at this forum. The exhibition was in May 2018 in Messe München.
The American manufacturer introduced the new generation of the Anthem flagship vehicle.
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